The life and legacy of Eric R Cregeen


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    December 5, 2016 at 2 p.m.
    (the 95th Anniversary of Eric Cregeen’s birth)

    The Life and Legacy of Eric R. Cregeen

    Internationally renowned social historian Eric R. Cregeen (1921–83) was one of UK’s prime movers in recording oral history. Rigorously trained by the Irish Folklore Commission in the 1940s (while recording for the Manx Folk-Life Survey), Cregeen settled in Scotland (1954) taking up posts with the University of Glasgow then, in 1966, with Edinburgh’s School of Scottish Studies.

    Historiographer Royal of Scotland, Professor T. C. Smout described Cregeen as “a social scientist of the highest order… a very fine historian and a very fine anthropologist… far in advance of this time … no one since has put the two disciplines together so effectively to illuminate the life of the Highlands.” Eric R. Cregeen recorded thousands of tracks for the Archives of the School of Scottish Studies, before his sudden death in 1983 robbed Scotland of an outstanding folklorist, oral historian and scholar. Besides his recordings and published writings, Cregeen’s legacy includes 24 fieldwork notebooks, to be exhibited here for the first time, along with selected manuscripts and artefacts, which, until now, have remained with the Cregeen family.

    Speaker:  Professor Margaret Bennett
    The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland & Honorary Research Fellow, The University of St Andrews


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