The major losses of the railways services in the area of Perthshire came as the result of the Beeching Axe and its aftermath in the mid-to-late 1960s. [The Beeching Axe refer to the reduction of route network and restructuring of the Railways in Great Britain outlined in two reports: The Reshaping of British Railways (1963) and The Development of the Major Railway Trunk Routes (1965), written by Dr Richard Beeching and published by the British Railways Board.]

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00 Exhibition Panels: Railways in Perthshire

Exhibition Panels: Railways in Perthshire

01 Martha Soutar

I was born in Auchterarder in 1923, and my father was a railwayman, Tom Soutar. He started off as a railway porter at Auchterarder Station, and then he went on to become a relief railwayman and travelled to various stations. He did guard work when necessary –


02 Billy Gardiner

02 Billy Gardiner

Billy Gardiner

There was men in Comrie who remembered when the railway was built and then when it closed. Laggan Park, was a big mound of earth at one time, and that’s where they got all the earth to make the embankment. Of course everything came on the train, the cattle and sheep. They’d get set off to winter, some went to Fife and some went to Speyside.