Mary & William Hershaw


  • Lochgelly, Fife
  • Fieldworker: Margaret Bennett
  • Audio Format: Audio
  • Transcribed: Michelle Melville
  • Date: Sunday, 02 November 2014

Index: Michelle Melville

Track 1.

  • •About Mary’s mum growing up in Glencraig
  • •Mary’s granddad’s work
  • •Crosshill, where Mary grew up
  • •Remembering the bings being cleared away
  • •Story of Mary’s Brother David disappearing and walking to their father’s work aged three 
  • •Swimming in polluted water
  • •Family shop
  • •Working in Burnt Island and remembering the German bombers coming to bomb the bridge
  • •Mary’s father’s birthplace and roots
  • •The Brethren (church)
  • •Mary’s Father in the RAF in Burma

Track 2.

  • •Willie’s mum saying Mary’s father’s shop was a delicatessen’s 

Track 3.

  1. 1.Mary’s Grandad working for Lipton’s tea

Track 4.

  • •Photos - Bygone days cover
  • •Who was Turpy in the name of the shop ‘Paton and Turpy’

Track 5.

  • •The Brethren

Track 6.

  • •Mining in Fife
  • •Dialects in Fife influenced by Miners from elsewhere
  • •Hershaw’s
  • •Willie’s grandfather fighting at the Somme and was injured – met his Grandmother while recovering in hospital, she was a nurse
  • •Grandparent’s children 
  • •Accidental death of fifteen year old David -in the mine, 1941

Track 7.

  • •Willie’s poem ‘Comp’ [about his grandfathers]

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