Julie Colville

Project Field Recordings


Grace Note Scotland

Place recorded:      Milnathorte,
Fife Informant:       Julia Colville (age 101) with her sister Isa (93)
Place of origin:       Lochore, Fife
Date:                       Oct. 14, 2011
Fieldworker:           Margaret Bennett with Elizabeth Johnson (grandniece of Julie)
Format orig:           digital Mic Edirol
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Track 1 intro, date;
Track 2 Permission to record, etc
Family & Early life
Lochore Father a cabbie (with horses)
Work on a farm
Farmers were kind

Track 3
Uncle lost an arm
Wartime service

Track 4
Second World War
Husband in Air-force
Wartime weddings
Pit accident in Kelty, 1947
Husband injured
dad kept pig;
growing vegetables

Track 5
Social life
Dances, music was fiddle
The Home Guard
Women’s work
Mills and factories

Track 6

Fishing (pastimes)
Miners' Gala day
Sunday school picnic

Track 7
Track 8
Track 9
Track 10
Track 11

Transcription - Interview of Julie and Isa

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