Project Field Recordings



  • Stanley Mill
  • Fieldworker: Margaret Bennett (MB)
  • Audio Format: Edirol digital mic
  • Transcribed: Michelle Iona Melville
  • Publication: N/A
  • Date: Monday, 31 August 2015

Track  7.15 min

  • Kate Cairnes: Gaffer of wiring and weaving machines
  • Made sure she was up for work every day
  • Ina Gordon, worked without pay for eight years after retirement
  • Ina’s house and work at the mill
  • Margaret Reichie – married to a German man who was here during the war Girls wore rollers on a Friday
  • One of the bosses Mr Arkwright
  • Clothes – wore overall
  • Started work when fourteen – left school on the Friday and started six ’clock Monday morning
  • Started in training room for eight weeks learning wiring
  • Then went into big wiring and weaving room to work with Gladys, room was noisy
  • Learnt weaving from Mary Collie
  • Weavers paid more than wirers
  • Learned wiring and then weaving so she could move between weaving and wiring as required
  • Started six in the morning, official start seven but many went in at six to make up piece work
  • Tea break at 9 a.m.
  • Didn’t have dust as worked on the clean side
  • Thirsty work, drank lots of water, Ina came round with jugs of water
  • Couldn’t leave loom to go for toilet break