Melville-Brodie Retired Engineers Club - Meeting 19 February 2014

  • 01Dougie-Reid--plans
  • 02plans-photos-Dougie-Reid-CM
  • 02plans-photos-Dougie-Reid-explaining
  • 03planning-commerative-plaque-Dougie-Reid-
  • 04Motor-bike-stand-
  • 05Motor-bike-stand-cast-Kirkcaldy
  • 06Typewriter-underwood
  • 07Singer-machine


  • Kirkcaldy and district, Fife
  • Fieldworker: Margaret Bennett & Chris Miles
  • Audio Format: wav files, Digital mic, Ediro
  • Transcribed: Hazel Cameron
  • Publication: They Taught Us Skills for Life: We Are the Engineers! 2015.
  • Date: Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Melville Brodie Retired Engineers Club

Tape 01

Bell foundries - strickle method

Process of making bell

Different bells cast for every musical note

Lettering stamped in to mold

Using Lathe

Track 02

Metal for making bells - bell bronze

Bells cracked; Casting from old bells

Banjos - hoop made of bell bronze

Track 03

Fishing at Dunkeld

Angling Club

Track 04

Croft & Poachers

Home guard

Track 05

Skilled workers with other dimensions

Track 06

Memorial underway


Installing column

Involvement of young people; Fife college

Making of plaque

Machines for Nairns

Apprentices from MB all over the world


Booklet production

Track 07

Flour for marking in Foundry


Track 08

Booklet details

Track 09

Costs and printing of booklet

Workers Education Association

Launch event

Track 10

Songs for even

Track 11

Foundry Poems

Acquiring tools

List of foundry tools

Makers of tools


Small foundry in garage

Motorbike parts

Affectionate memories



Hand Riddling

Gaggers and Hangers

CO2 gas with sand

The Twa dugs

Pride in work

Track 12

Miners Union fought to get bogies checked

Servicing Fire extinguishers

Motor garage in Kirkcaldy

Camaraderie with apprentices 1960 strike

Newspaper report

Track 13

Shutdown period for maintenance

German lads fitting bearings and shafts

Final installation and fitting checked by German installers


Foundry moulders not so precise

Castings from a sand mould

Machining cast surface loses strength

Track 14

The Gaffer’s job

Leech’s Foundry, Kirkcaldy not machined

Scrap Lorries checked by gaffer

Track 15

Sheep branding iron

Local blacksmiths

Track 17

There’s engineering songs

Peggy Seeger

Track 18

Forth Rail bridge crane bought by Melville Brodie

Tay rail bridge faults in casting

Edinburgh Museum - Watt Steam Engine

Tramlines in coal mines

Railway line sleepers

Tent pegs with old slats

Lingnum Vitae wood

Whale Oil

Whale Bone Walk, Kirkcaldy 

Track 19

Making hooks for butchers

Working bunnet/Going hame bunnet

Sharpening knives

Rosin for fiddles, used in bells

Axe Grinder


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