West Stormont Historical Society


  • Luncarty Church Centre, Luncarty, Perthshire
  • Fieldworker: Margaret Bennett
  • Audio Format: digital microphone (Edirol)
  • Transcribed: Dos Pearson and John Andrews
  • Publication: TBA
  • Date: Monday, 12 May 2014


West Stormont Historical Society

Chairman of the group is Rosalind (Ros) Pearson and the Secretary is Isobel Mathieson


01-Intro-West Stormont Historical Society-20140:12

02-Michael Farquhar-Luncarty-Bleachworks7:20

03-Michael Farquhar-Luncarty-Bleachworks3:01

04-Anne Farquhar-Luncarty-Bleachworks3:56

05-John MacKay-Luncarty-Bleachworks0:58

06-M Farquhar-J. MacKay -Bleachworks8:41

07-Jean Dixon-Luncarty-Bleachworks2:00

08-Ella MacFarlane-Luncarty3:25

09-Russell Ritchie--Luncarty0:55

10-Betty Robertson-Luncarty3:23

11-Michael Farquhar-Luncarty0:16

12-M Farquhar-John MacKay -Luncarty2:57

13-Christmas-Bill Fairweather-Luncarty1:11

14-BerryPicking-Isobel Morrison4:41

15-tatties-Bill Fairweather-Perthshire3:06

16-Tom Huxley-Pitcairngreen0:34

17-wasps-Russell and Isobel2:23

18-Bill Fairweather-labour after war1:28

19-Photo captions-Jean Dickson-Luncarty5:55