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  • Luncarty

    Place : Luncarty Church Centre, Luncarty, Perthshire

    Organisation: West Stormont Historical Society

    Date: May 12, 2014

    Informants: Betty Robertson and Jean Dickson

    Fieldworker: Margaret Bennett (MB)

    Original format: Digital microphone (Edirol) - copied to CD

    Transcriber: John Andrews

    Betty Robertson:

    My Dad worked in the Ordie Mill.That was the ones that made the shuttles –you know.It was my Granddad worked there and my Dad as well, and my brother worked there. But that closed way back. I think it was 1950 something it closed.

    MB  Sothey workedthere …

    BR   Yes, it made them for the mills in Dundee.

    MB  Were they hand made,the shuttles?

    BR   A lot of them. A lot of it was done by hand.

    MB  Gosh. And what were they made of? Were they wooden?

    BR   Wooden. Yes. Different woods. I canny mind what kind of woods..

    MB  Isn’tthat...

    BR    they were simonor is it persimmon..?

    MB  Persimmone it is or  something like that?

    BR   Yes.

    MB  And was there a factory or a workshop?There must have been a workshop.

    BR   Yer,there was about six of them worked there.

    MB  Carving?

    BR   Yes.About six. And making them.They had a big water wheel, you know, that drove machinery. Just…A lot of it was done by hand as well.

    MB  Have you any idea how big these shuttles were?

    BR   About that size. I’ve got home

    MB  About eighteen inches.Have you?

    MB  And about how wide..[can’t hear] Oh about that wide.  

    BR   About how deep? About 4 inches?

    JM   Probably about 3.But they were nothing to do with..

    BR was Ordie Mill it was called.

    MB  It was called?

    BR   Ordie Mill.

    IM    That’s one of the burns that worked it.

    MB  Gosh.How do you spell it?

    IM    O-R-D-I-E.

    JM   It supplied the power. That’s why it was called the Ordie Mill.

    MB  Yes.I’m learning.

    BF    Was it that the one at the 3 bridges.

    RB   Yes,that’s right. It was just up under.

    IM   We’ve got a lovely picture of it.You remember we used it at the exhibition next door. It was your picture, Jean?

    BR   No.I had it.Yes,it was a lovely picture.It’s not there now.Itwas flattened,houses built thereI  think.

    MB  Was your grandfather, your shared grandfather, did he work in the mill?

    BR   Yes.He worked there.Yes.

    MB  Gosh.

    JD    Our grandfather was the store man.

    MB  Astore..?

    JD    The store man.

    [Additional note: the Lancashire firm Belgrave Shuttle Works in Rochdale opened in 1830; Belgrave Shuttle Works opened at Broadfield. The works were transferred to Springfield Street. in the 1920s. the company relocated to Preston in 1997. – See more at: <> Year 1997]



  • Luncarty, Perthshire
  • Fieldworker: Margaret Bennett
  • Transcribed: John Andrews
  • Date: Friday, 30 October 2015


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